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August 15, 2019

"Heute vor 50 Jahren startete das legendäre Woodstock-Festival"

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August 7, 2019

Over the last few weeks I have given three press interviews and one radio interview about working at Woodstock fifty years ago. A new photo taken by Mike Frankel with yours truly onstage during the Jefferson Airplane's performance has surfaced. Look for the opiated skinny 19 year old in the purple t-shirt to the right in the back, slightly behind a blond haired lady, between Jack Cassidy and Paul Kantner...

(c) Foto by Mike Frankel:


October 29, 2017

Eine erste vielversprechende Probe bringt gleich 2 neue Songs im Doors-Repertoire auf die Bühne: TELL ALL THE PEOPLE (the Soft-Parade Album)  & HYACINTH HOUSE (L.A Woman Album). Demnächst für euch LIVE! :-)

Tom hat z.b. einen etwas "besonderen" Bezug zu dem Song Hyacinth House:
Wir schreiben das Jahr 1990: Musikunterricht in der Schule.
Jeder Schüler/in sollte bei Benno Brands (RIP) einen seiner Lieblings-titel vorstellen.
Tom´s Mitschülerin Andrea Klee stellte einen Song der Doors vor: Hyacinth...

October 29, 2017

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"Jim Morrison isn't dead, a large part of his spirit lives on inside of me…"

Woodstock veteran, ex roadie, singer and musician for over 50 years, participant in two other Doors Tribute projects and many rock, jazz and blues bands,

Erik Klingenberg is now bringing that spirit alive as the new lead singer in Morrison Hotel.

"I try to channel that spirit, not in imitating Jim, but in recreating the live atmosphere and energy that always was inherent in his music. This isn't a staged theater performanc...

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