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ERIK KLINGENBERG beerbt Sven Kessler´s Rolle als Jim Morrison ab 2018

"Jim Morrison isn't dead, a large part of his spirit lives on inside of me…"

Woodstock veteran, ex roadie, singer and musician for over 50 years, participant in two other Doors Tribute projects and many rock, jazz and blues bands,

Erik Klingenberg is now bringing that spirit alive as the new lead singer in Morrison Hotel.

"I try to channel that spirit, not in imitating Jim, but in recreating the live atmosphere and energy that always was inherent in his music. This isn't a staged theater performance, this is as close to the real thing as you're going to get. This is live Doors music at its best!"

Working together, Thomas Vogt, Jörg Jungbluth, Gunter Baumann, Benjamin Krämer and Erik Klingenberg deliver the ultimate Absolutely Live Doors Concert experience and will have you dancing in the isles with solid renditions of such classic songs as Light My Fire, Break On Though, When The Music's Over, Roadhouse Blues and many other Doors favourites along with room for the refreshing improvisation, poetry and chaos you would expect at a Doors concert. This is a musical experience you definitely won't want to miss and will long remember…


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